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The 21st century Paramount pays homage to a legacy of excellent over the previous 75 years, starting with the downtube decals. They are available in three classic colors: White, Red and Black.


Finish – choose from the full Waterford color palette of nearly two dozen delicious colors.

Check out the 75th Anniversary Flickr Photo Album for samples of various stylings, including three optional theme colors:

Schwinn Paramount in Candy Red with Classic Stay Masking
Candy Red – the iconic color of the 1980′s.
Pearl White – Add a glow to your finish. Schwinn Paramount in Pearl White
Coppertone – a nod to a classic shade of the Paramount’s Classic Days. Schwinn Paramount in Coppertone with Classic Stay Tip Masking

Every frame receives the insignia that has graced Paramounts since 1938 – the classic Paramount headbadge, executed in stainless steel:

Paramount Headbadge 2013