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The Waterford factory has a world-renowned reputation for its lugwork. Each Schwinn Paramount receives its own set of custom, hand-built head and seat lugs, erasing all the practical barriers to good fit and road handling. While these lugs harken back to another glorious period in Paramount’s history, the lugs are designed for today’s 1 1/8″ road forks, both in steel and carbon.

Schwinn Paramount Head Lugs - Front View Schwinn Paramount Head Lugs

The lugset is constructed of stainless steel and is individually crafted for each order. The styling pays tribute to Marc Muller’s groundbreaking OS lugset design of the 1980′s with side points and long top points, plus the front head tube flourishes from the classic Nervex Professional lugs. After fabrication, the head lugs and seat lugs are polished to a mirror finish and, if painted, masked to provide the ultimate accent for your dream bike.