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Those who’ve been following the Schwinn Paramount know that 2013 marked the 75th Anniversary, which Waterford and Schwinn celebrated with 75th Anniversary edition. The limited edition models have sold out and the remaining orders are nearly complete.

This has sparked interest in continuing to serve Paramount and cycling enthusiasts. We have already received a few orders for post-75th Paramounts. So how does it work? The first round is a continuation of the design principles embodied in the 75th program, minus some of the special edition details. This includes:

Custom Paramount lug construction: The lugs have the same profile as the 75th Anniversary, less the compass point cutouts.
Super steel materials: including heat treated air-hardening steels like True Temper OX Platinum and Reynolds 853 plus stainless steels from KVA and Reynolds.
Styling that builds of the 75th edition: The same decals less the 75th designation.

The response – both for the ride and the look of the 75th – has been gratifying. You can make this a part of the your cycling life, as well.

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  • Robert August 6, 2014, 3:04 pm

    I have dreamed of owning a Paramount for about 50 years. I currently ride a 2000 Peloton, love it. Look forward to purchasing my dream Paramount in the next couple of years as a retierment gift to myself. thanks for continuing production.

  • David September 9, 2014, 8:34 pm

    I love Schwinn made bikes and I love the Schwinn made Paramount the most. I just received my 75th anniversary Schwinn Paramount, No. 9, and couldn’t be happier.

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