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A fork is to a bicycle as a bow is to a violin. For the Schwinn Paramount, Waterford offers both its own world-class forks as well as composite forks from Enve and Wound-up.

Waterford-built forks are specifically designed to match the geometry of the frame as well as to support the riding, the rider, the tire clearance, brake selection, and the loads anticipated. Built of proven chromoly steel, they include:

  • A range of fork blades: A typical road fork gets light weight, butted, tapered blades. We use heavier blades for rough terrain and heavier loads. We offer heavy-duty round blades for track riding.
  • Investment cast crowns: Typically designed for 1 1/8″ steerer tubes, you can also order 1″ steerer forks for threaded steerers. Forks may have stainless crowns which are polished to match the polished lugs.
  • You can select a straight blade configuration or a variety of rake styles.
  • Steerer tubes are butted, typically 1 1/8″ steerer design.
  • Investment cast front dropouts, with zero, one or two sets of front eyelets.
  • For touring applications, Waterford offers a number of standard braze-on configurations plus custom rack mounts.
  • A heavy duty disk brake fork is also available.
  • Chrome plated forks are also available, specifically to match full polish stainless steel frames.

You may also choose from our fine selection of composite forks from Enve and Wound-Up. These forks come in a variety of fork off-sets and, in the case of Wound-up, fork heights.