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Schwinn Paramount represents a line of elite custom lugged bikes spanning a range of uses from road racing to touring to track. With our custom design services, you can design into your dream bike a wide range of possibilities:

  • Our custom-built lugs mean the your bike fit needs are never a constraint on design.
  • Our extensive palette of tubes insures you have the right balance of handling, weight and durability. Our Construction page shows how we can mix stainless with non-stainless tubing to create just the kit you need.
  • You can choose from a wide range of options in tire size, drive train, brake systems, cable routing and accessory mounting.

You can approach the creation of your dream bike in onw of two ways: customize a model or design from scratch.

Schwinn Paramount Models:

Criterium: Lightweight design for quick handling and aggressive riding.
Stage race: Lightweight design for distance riding – ideal for events such as the Tour de France, where climbing and descending are major aspects of the route.
Road Sport: Design for smoothness and stability for centuries and light touring, with the kind of spunk that brings exhilaration to occasional sprints and quick climbs.
Sport touring and randonneuring: design to let you savor long distances with light loads.
Full touring and trekking: Rock steady handling; robust construction and lots of ways to carry loads.
‘Cross designs: solid road handling with medium load capacity as well as clearance for larger tires.
Track and road fixie: Design for specific events as well as for fixed gear on-road training.

These designs are a starting point for the specific design of your dream machine.

Design from scratch:

Sometimes it’s better to start with a clean slate. With the Schwinn Paramount you can take advantage of Waterford’s proven approach to custom bike design – the four F’s:

Function – how it will used. This includes tire size range, brakes, drivetrain, cockpit, loading, lighting, fenders and accessories.
Fit – this is how you interact with the bike.
Feel – or handling – how the bike should respond to the expected range of terrain.
Finish – how you want your dream bike to look.